It’s fun to hang out with friends who are the same as us. We feel comfortable and accepted. But is there a downside to everyone being the same? Lacey and her friends find out during field day that choosing teams based on what is the same, doesn’t always work out. The children quickly figure out that the things that make them different from each other, can also make them stronger together!

Trevor has one itchy back and two big problems:

His arms are too short!

Luckily, his big sister Lacey has a few tricks up her sleeve…

Lacey is back, and this time, it’s with her little brother Trevor.  Trevor seeks out his big sister for help with his latest dilemma; his arms are too short!  Where does he come up with these crazy ideas?? Lacey loves her brother, but she can’t resist a chance to play a trick on him, so she comes up with some creative ideas to make Trevor’s arms longer.   But that’s just not possible!  Or is it?   Join in on this silly brother and sister fun to find out.